ST1 Type 1 Wall Tie (Masonry Heavy Duty)

ST1 Wall Tie Application

The Ancon ST1 is suitable for cavities from 50mm to 225mm and can be used for all types of masonry building of any height. The section that spans the cavity has a series of holes to provide water drips, to allow the same tie to be used in insulated cavities as well as open cavities.

Tie Length Cavity Width
200mm 50-75mm
225mm 76-100mm
250mm 101-125mm
275mm 126-150mm
300mm 151-175mm
325mm* 176-200mm
350mm* 201-225mm

* Type 1 performance declared in M2 mortar only

  • Specially designed safety ends provide excellent mortar key, reduce the risk of injury on site and prevent tangling
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Available in boxes of 250
  • Value-engineered design to minimise thermal bridge across insulated cavity