Ancon Thermally Insulated Balcony Connectors

Insulated Balcony Connectors

Ancon’s connectors minimise heat loss at balcony locations while maintaining structural integrity. They provide a thermal break by inserting a material with a low thermal conductivity between elements with a higher conductivity and also provide local insulation at the joint. As a critical structural component, they transfer moment, shear, tension and compression forces. Standard solutions are available for concrete-to-concrete, steel-to-concrete and steel-to-steel applications.

Concrete-to-Concrete Applications

Ancon Isotec
Isotec is a high performance thermal break system comprising 100% stainless steel reinforcement and fire-resistant mineral wool insulation. Compression studs enable installation even in congested slabs.

Ancon Isolan
Isolan is a simple, cost-effective thermal break system. Conventional reinforcing bars are used to provide the tension and compression reinforcement which offers cost savings over other systems and simplifies specification, scheduling, transportation, handling and installation.

Ancon Isolan

Steel-to-Concrete Applications

Ancon STC

The STC system anchors steel balconies to concrete floor slabs. The two part assembly, comprising a cast-in anchorage and a post-fixed bracket with thermal pad located at the interface, allows for phased construction.

Ancon Steel to Concrete Applications

Steel-to-Steel Applications

Ancon STS

The STS system is a compact thermal break, typically used for connecting
steel balconies to structural steel frames but is equally suitable for other steel-to steel applications. It comprises tension and compression components within a single compact unit, wrapped in polystyrene insulation.Each unit features four A4 stainless steel fixing studs and a thermoset plate at each steel interface.

Ancon Steel to Steel Applications