Prefabricated shear reinforcement system for concrete slabs

Shearstrip is used for the transmission of high shear forces in flat floor applications with reduced requirements for formwork and reinforcement and for optimum use of space. They consist of double-headed anchors connected by a strip and are used within a slab to provide additional reinforcement around columns.

  • Increased load carrying capacity
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Installation possible from the top and bottom
  • Simplified formwork design
  • Can be used for flat ceilings from a thickness of 180mm
  • Lower construction height of the ceiling due to higher load carrying capacity than conventional reinforcement technology
  • No thickening of reinforcement around column heads
  • Can be used for all support positions and support forms

Shearstrip is manufactured from 500C Grade Rebar Double Headed Studs, conforming to the strength and dimensional requirements incorporated within BS 8110 and BS EN 1992-1-1 (EC2).

Shearstrip rails are placed around the column in a calculated arrangement to meet the designed specification. The number, height and depth of the rails are determined by a calculation made using the criteria of the particular job. The carrier rails ensure correct positioning of the studs.