Ancon SP21 Wall Ties

21-18 Omega Channel Application

Features an ‘S’ Tail, a plain (‘P’) Shank and a ‘_ _ 21’ Head for use with the Ancon 21/18 Omega Channel.

Ancon 21/18 Omega Channel

Ancon 21/18 Omega Channel is a high performance, self-anchoring, cast-in channel slot suitable for use with wall ties referenced _ _ 21 to provide necessary restraint to the outer leaf of masonry.

The section is only 18mm deep and can be used where there is reduced cover to reinforcement and concrete as thin as 75mm.

Available in 100mm and 3000mm lengths, Ancon 21/18 Omega Channel is filled with polystyrene to help prevent the ingress of concrete. Nail holes aid the fixing of the slot to timber formwork.

Tie Length