Adoplug wall tie filler and sealing compound

ADOPLUG is a multi-functional polymer modified, fibre reinforced, water resistant, high strength, chemical resistant, cementitious powder designed specifically for internal coating and repair of cement and concrete based surfaces, for the plugging of tie holes and for general surface repair.

When mixed with clean water it forms a cohesive, easy to apply, shrinkage compensated compound and cures to develop a strongly bonded watertight plug to form a highly effective seal. Adoplug is designed for crack and patch hole repair of concrete floors, walls, pipes and holding tanks. Also ideally suited for the repair and remedial work in farm and agricultural buildings where early access for foot and vehicular traffic and high strengths are required. Adoplug is WRAS approved.

2kg will fill approximately 1m2 by 1mm deep

Store in dry conditions and keep container sealed when not in use.

Shelf life when stored correctly is 12 months for pails and 6 months for sacks.